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TLC's Paint Correction is a multi-stage process that uses the finest compounds, polishes and techniques to get your vehicle's paint looking better-than-new. By providing the highest level of correction, this service can significantly improve your vehicles finish by eliminating 65-95% of defects such as: holograms, swirl marks, water marks, light scratches, micro-marring, bird dropping stains.




Paint Correction is our most comprehensive and complex detailing service. Beacause we only use premium products which require time consuming and laborious procedures, we will need your vehicle for a minimum of 1 - 2 days.


Level 1 - Enhancement polish removes light haze and minor swirl marks to improve gloss.

Level 2 - Paint correction for paint finishes with a higher severity of defects and contamination.

Level 3 - Paint correction the most labor intensive and invasive paintwork correction available. 


A sampling of the process involves:

  • Multi-Stage exterior hand wash

  • Deep clean wheels 

  • Paintwork decontamination w/ tar and iron remover 

  • Assessment of paintwork condition through LED lighting 

  • Use of paint depth gauge to establish thickness of paint 

  • Mask off delicate trim 

  • Paint correction polish 

  • Hand waxing or 6 month spray on paint sealant

  • 5+ year graphene ceramic paint preservative coating 

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Level 1 Enhancement Polish Pricing


Starting at $350

plus GST


Paint Correction 

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