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Vehicles see a lot of tough use and abuse in the real world. The finish is susceptible to all kinds of environmental and operational damage. Graphene Ceramic coating's provide a super-tough swirl and chemical resistant layer of hydrophobic goodness that really does provide better-than-new protection that's easier to keep clean!

Optimum protective coating product
Steps on how it works




Graphene Ceramic Coating Is for those who want the best. Are you looking for a glossy finish that truly stands out from the crowd? TLC DELIVERS. We start with a thorough cleaning and decontamination of your vehicle's paint to remove stubborn iron deposits from brake dust, road tar and environmental contaminants. Next we perform a professional deep cleaning machine prep polish. The paint is then wiped with a paint prep spray to remove any residual polish and to insure proper bonding of the graphene ceramic coating. Now that the paint is completely sanitary, Graphene Ceramic is professionaly hand-applied leaving a chemically bonded top coat of pure gloss and hydrophobic goodness. You can expect 5 years or more of durability with proper maintenance.


  • Exterior wash 

  • Deep clean wheels 

  • Clean door jambs 

  • Paintwork chemically decontaminated

  • Hand polish exhaust tips 

  • Hand and blow dried 

  • Deep cleaning machine prep polish 

  • Paint prep to ensure the best bond 

  • Graphene ceramic coating hand-applied 

  • Dress tires 

  • Courtesy vacuum and windows 


Starting at  CAR $1200  SUV $1400

plus GST


* Additional paint correction optional based on evaluation.

** Oversized vehicles may be subject to an additional charge. 

Graphene Ceramic Coating

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