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Frequently Asked Questions About Auto Detailing in Calgary

How are the products and services at TLC Auto Detail Ltd different from others?

At TLC Auto Detail Ltd in Calgary and surrounding areas, we only use top grade products that perform! We take great pride in providing the latest products, which are tested on our own vehicles to provide you with the best results possible.

How is paint damage inflicted on my vehicle?

When dirt, dust and grime is not properly removed from your vehicle’s paint, the cleaning process will rub and grind these particles into the surface of the car, truck or SUV’s body, inflicting damage. Sponges that have been previously used to wash other vehicles prior to yours can collect dirt and grit, causing defects known as "swirl marks.” Improper washing can also cause component damage when acidic products designed for purposes other than vehicle cleaning are used. Use of these harmful products can cause your brake callipers, wheel nuts, exhaust tips and brake discs to rust. You also put your vehicle’s paint at risk when you use automated car washes that offer a "polish" or "machine polish.” These services can result in circular scratches and visible grooves in the vehicle's top coat. Abrasive compounds and improper use of rotary polishing machines can also cause paint imperfections. They remove large portions of the vehicles clear coat, whilst causing what are known as "holograms" and buffer trails.

Can brand new cars straight from the dealer have paint damage?

Unfortunately we also receive new cars with paint defects caused by the dealer. During the PDI "pre-delivery inspection,” the rushed removal of the factory applied wax and protective wrapping causes paint imperfections such as swirl marks and micro scratches. TLC Auto Detail Ltd’s detailing will not only restore you vehicle’s appearance but will exceed your aesthetic expectations.

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