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Centrally located in the downtown core, TLC Auto Detail in Calgary is proud to offer vehicle owners the ultimate in protection.

Opti-Coat Pro is the only coating available that harnesses the strengths of Silicon Carbide (sometimes referred to as ceramic, industrial diamonds and carborundum). Unlike SiO2 based coatings, the SiC based coating actually bonds to the paint and the SiC is formed as a chemical reaction in that process, not by having Nano particles of the ceramic floating in a resin. SiC is chemically superior to SiO2 coatings and has a melting point of 2,730 °C (4,950 °F; 3,000 K) and is a 9 on the Mohs scale of hardness.

Opti-Coat Pro is unique in many ways because of this fundamental difference in chemistry. Opti-Coat Pro becomes one with the paint instead of suspending nano particles of a harder substance in a resin. This gives Opti-Coat Pro far superior chemical resistance, as the chemical must break down the SiC, and not break down a resin holding SiO2 nano particles.

OCP is harder than other coatings, but no coating is scratch proof. To obtain maximum strength, other coatings require heat curing with OCP that’s not required. SiO2 coatings obtain their maximum gloss immediately, and that gloss drops off over time. Opti-Coat Pro obtains it’s maximum gloss once the polymerization ( process is completed (roughly 7 days). Opti-Coat Pro will maintain its gloss over time, while SiO2 coatings start losing their gloss through oxidation, requiring the need to periodically add some form of resin to maintain or restore the gloss and protection.

At TLC Auto Detail, our Opti-Coat packages include the following basic prep: a detailed wash, chemical and clay decontamination of any above-surface-bonded contaminants such as road oil, tree sap, brake dust or iron particles, and a visual inspection under LED lighting to identify any blemishes, swirls or scuff marks. Packages also include a light primer-polish of the paint and optimum paint prep to ensure proper bonding of the new ceramic coating, and one complementary follow-up wash with full aftercare support and service.

Opti-Coat Pro + "The Ultimate"

Permanent Coating 7 Year Warranty

New Vehicle Protection 

Basic prep and LIGHT primer polish included $1500.00

If HEAVY paint correction is needed $100.00-$400.00

Opti-Coat Pro

Permanent Coating 5 Year Warranty 

New Vehicle Protection

Basic prep and LIGHT primer polish included $1200.00 

If HEAVY paint correction is needed $100.00-$400.00


Substrate specific Pro-Coatings for:
Leather, Fabric, Metal, Trim, Polycarbonate, Glass
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What Can Be Coated?

Cars - Trucks - Motorcycles - Fleets - Boats - RVs - Trailers - Aircraft
Paint - Wheels - Leather- Fabric - Glass - Plastic - Metal
Clear Bra PPF - Vinyl Wraps

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